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Risk Management: What it is and What it Means for Business

Risk management describes the process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats being posed to an organization’s capital and earnings. These threats – or risks – could originate from a plethora...
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Quantum RFx

Quantum is a full source-to settle eProcurement solution. Quantum’s RFx solution has predictive analytics which is considered to be advanced technology and makes assumptions about future opportunities. Predictive analytics uses...
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Supply Management

Supplier Management Best Practices

Over the past decade or so, business pressures and demands have changed in such a way that product lifestyles are shorter while market variations are “wider” than ever before. The...
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Data Management

What is Data Management (and How it Can Help Businesses)

Let’s put this out there right now: An organization’s data is often recognized as the most vital asset of an enterprise. Quantum representatives have often told clients that companies which...
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Diversity Spend

Understanding Diversity Spend

In the United States, to qualify for Diversity Certification, a business must be at least 51-percent owned and operated by minorities or women; in the U.S., this includes American Indian...
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Economic Impact Analysis

The Ins and Outs of Economic Impact Analysis An Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) studies the effect of an event on the economy in a specified area, running the gamut from...
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