Young accountant working with documents

Contracts Management: Why You Need It

Contracts should be considered assets, and as such they can optimize an organization’s process to maximize the value they represent. The bottom line is this: There are few things all...
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Contracts Management Software

A Well-Engineered Contracts Management Software System Can Save Money and Provide Real Value

Regardless of the industry or niche a business/company may serve, contracts are a major component of daily operations. Created for business partnerships, labor, vendor transactions, customers and more, contracts almost...
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Diversity Spend Tracking

Diversity Spend Tracking: What is it?

Diversity Spend Tracking: What is it and What are the Benefits? Diverse supplier spend refers to the amount of money an organization spends with diverse-owned businesses when purchasing products and...
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Diverstiy Spend Tracking in a Pandemic

Diversity Spend in the times of a Pandemic

Diversity Spend in Pandemic Times Supplier diversity will help businesses large and small recover from the COVID 19 pandemic, irrespective of the fact that many medical professionals say the world...
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Understanding Supplier Relationship Management (And How Companies Can Benefit by Working with Quantum)

Supplier relationship management (SRM) is defined as the discipline of strategically planning for and managing all interactions with third party organizations that supply goods and/or services to an organization to...
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Contracts Management

Everything There is to Know About Contracts Management

Contacts management refers to the process of taking on the responsibility of managing contracts for employees, vendors or other parties. Contract managers need to possess legal knowledge to accurately lead...
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