Introducing Quantum-SRM

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See how Quantum SPM can save you time, and ultimately money with our streamlined onboarding process and pre-configured dashboard made better with every release!

Some of Our Fortune 500 Clients

  • Manage a Global supply chain
  • Integrity in Supplier Data and Information
  • Supply Base Simplification
  • Manage certifications
  • Communicate with suppliers
  • Create efficient and effective method to manage commodity and indirect categories
  • One-stop shop for all supplier data and information

Supplier and Procurement Management

For Supplier Relationship Management


So, what are you waiting for?

Your Supplier Goals

Quantum helps you achieve your goals while enhancing your process

  • Integrates with ERP and Information systems to create efficient and effective method of transporting data
  • Global on-boarding
  • Manage global certifications
  • Effective and Efficient Global Registration
  • Manage global supply chain
  • Customizable categories for commodities and indirect spend management
  • Ability to automate approval processes for supplier on-boarding and registration
  • Allows for registration completion ratings
  • Allows for scorecard, compliance and risk management ratings

Your Procurement Goals

  • Manage cost reductions and cost impacted by economics
  • Improve contribution margin
  • Efficient procurement process
  • Effective and efficient use of buyer time
  • Reduce cost associated with operating your procurement program resulting in a better ROI for your department
  • Maintain a competitive, cost effect and diverse supply chain
  • Operate utilizing best practices resulting in run-rate savings
  • World-class cost models to maintain competitive advantage in price
  • Suppliers use lean processes to maintain comparative advantage in marketplace

Achieving your goals while enhancing your Procurement process

  • Integrates with ERP and Information systems to create efficient and effective method of transporting data
  • Compliance Management
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Cost savings tracking
  • RFx (RFI, RFP, RFQ)
  • Hyper-Optimized market price Analysis
  • Intelligent Automation tracking target price to actual
  • Manage run-rate cost analysis to target
  • Ties buyer and supplier in RFx process
  • Creates digitized procurement files from source-to-contract